Our Story

Delivering the Wow in Lending!

21st Century Financial was created out of a desire to simplify the process of getting a home, and while we can‘t control all aspects of the home buying process, we are determined to make it as simple as we can, at least, the mortgage side of it. It’s our belief that buying a home (or refinancing one) should not be a stressful experience, it shouldn’t be like pulling teeth.

Our Loan Originators are experienced and focused on making their clients happy and delivering a world class experience. Our processors are hired based on their customer service ability, so they are happy to work with our clients to collect and manage conditions. Lastly, our lending partners have underwriters that simply underwrite and don’t expect perfect files, just complete ones. What a concept. Everyone does what they were originally supposed to do in the mortgage business, close home loans!

We think getting a home loan should be a great experience where you’ll say “Wow”, that was easy, and while they’re not giving everyone with a heartbeat a loan, like they were back in the day, we do believe we can get loans approved quickly and painlessly. The fact that you have to document your income and assets, should not make it a difficult process. Quite the contrary; since most documents are now available online, it should make the process easier than in the past.

It’s our job to change the typical experience like never hearing from the lender and not knowing what’s going on during the entire process to one of gaining a new friend in the business who you can Trust that is going to provide a “Wow” experience. And while we are talking about “Wow”, the same big banks that made the process a nightmare also made their workplaces like a bad dream. While there is additional regulation and some more hoops to jump through, that does not mean that whole loan business needs to run like the DMV so you can expect our team to have a smile on our face as we work hard to close your home loan!

All the Best!

Ramon Sanchez
21st Century Financial